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'Hear Yourself: How to Find Peace in a Noisy World' Prem Rawat 

In his very personal book, Hear Yourself, Prem Rawat  guides the reader on a journey, often illustrated with simple and accessible stories, inviting us to listen to the heart, to reconnect with ourselves and take control of our lives. 

“Travel with me for part of your journey and you might be surprised where we go. We are heading away from the realm of theories and beliefs towards a unique form of knowledge. To somewhere within you that’s free of everyday distractions. To a place where you really can experience clarity, fulfilment and joy. To a place of inner peace. Our path will take us through mindfulness and heartfulness to peacefulness.” Prem Rawat, Hear Yourself 

Introducing Hear Yourself

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For more than 55 years, Prem Rawat has shared his enduring message of peace with people all over the world – regardless of their nationality, religion, or lifestyle – a message that inner peace is not only possible, but a human birthright. With great commitment, wisdom and wit, he has reached hundreds of millions of people in more than 100 countries.

As a bestselling author, Prem has found a way to make timeless, universal truths accessible to people from all walks of life. The book, to date, has also been published in Spanish “Escúchate”, French (“Apprendre à s’écouter”), Italian (“Impara ad ascoltarti”) and Portuguese (“Ouve A Tua Voz”). Other books authored by Prem include: Peace is Possible (aka Splitting the Arrow), The Pot With The Hole, and The Stonecutter.



 Two weeks after its debut on September 14th,  2021, ' Hear Yourself' debuted on the New York Times Best Seller List -  getting published on the New York Times Best Seller List is regarded as the gold standard in the publishing world.  

In April 2023 Hear Yourself reached the Irish Times bestseller list, for two weeks running. 


Prem Rawat has set the Guiness World Record for the largest audience ever to attend a book reading by a single author. The new record, set at a recent event in Lucknow, India, 114.704 exceeds the previous one of 6,786.

This world record established by Mr. Rawat, reading a chapter of Hear Yourself, also exceeded the previous multiple author record of 20,264 held by Harry Potter author, J.K. Rowling, and two others.

Guiness World Record & Best Seller Awards 


Tim Gallwey, author and founder of The Inner Game

"An amazing read! Hear Yourself invites readers on a journey from where you may be now to the common core we all share as human beings, and to the love of life itself."

Chris Corbett, author of  Nirvana Blues and The White Game 

"Prem Rawat has been speaking on the subject of personal peace for over fifty years and has now gathered his practical wisdom into an insightful new book Hear Yourself. It captures his down to earth approach for learning about one’s self on a journey that leads to clarity, contentment and kindness."

Michael Bolton, Grammy-Award winning singer/songwriter

"Prem Rawat’s insights into life provide many of the answers I have sought for decades. This book inspires and elevates the reader with wisdom and a practical approach to finding peace within, rather than seeking it in this crazy world"

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